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Tom Cruise prefers stepping out of movie if not allowed to do own stunts

Mission Impossible

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New York, Mar 30 (ANI): Tom Cruise, who has earned a name for doing his own stunts in his movies, continued the tradition in fifth franchise of 'Mission: Impossible' as well.

The stunt co-ordinator strapped the American actor to the outside of an A400M military airbus, which took off at the steepest angle possible, then sped up to a terrifying 160 knots, the New York Post reported.

Wade Eastwood, the movie's stunt co-ordinator and Cruise's friend asserted that Cruise stomps his feet and fights for it and told the studio that basically if they did not let him, he was not going to do the movie.

Eastwood added that when the 52-year-old actor wants to do something cool, then the actor fight to the death in order to do it.

Eastwood added that there are lot of actors that get close, like the Hugh Jackmans of the world and the Daniel Craigs but Cruise and Jackie Chan are the only two he knew that do a hundred per cent of it themselves.

Brian Kingman, the managing director for Gallagher Entertainment, which insures studio films, asserted that safeguards and qualifications make it possible for big stars to do their own stunts.

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