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Here's why you should never watch a tortoise have sex

A tortoise chased a man away who was watching them going dirty

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London, Mar 23 (ANI): Tortoises don't like to be watched while having sex, as recently in Madagascar, a tortoise chased a man away who was watching them going dirty.

Paul Rose knew the fact that tortoises don't like humans watching their mating sessions, but the time he heard powerful rhythmic grunting from a bush where an Aldabra tortoise was matting, he sat down there with his team and started filming the scene, the Daily Star reported.

The moment the gigantic male Aldabra tortoise realised that some nosey humans were watching them; it began chasing the explorers slowly.

Rose said that initially they thought that it would get close and then back off once it realised that it was up against two wonderful specimens at the top of the food chain, but nothing like this happened and it got very close that its snorting and enraged eyes above his snapping powerful beak made them retreat in panic.

Rose added that he walked backwards out of the bushes, but the giant tortoise kept on coming, and didn't seem to stop until it had seen the explorers off the island so they began a ludicrous, disconcerting, low-speed chase that took them across the low grass stubble and the adjacent concrete runway and alongside the bushes.

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