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Autumn in Bengal (India/Bangladesh)

Colorful season of the year in Bengal

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Autumn Harvesting in Bangladesh news

One certainly doesn't have always the opportunity to meet and talk to a well-known writer like Guenter Grass, a Nobel Prize winner. Once I attended his book-reading event in Berlin and later we came to talk to each other and discussed all kind of topics. I asked him why he spent almost one year in Bangladesh and India in the nineties, he answered, "It is not the compassion but the fascination on people and natural beauty of Bengal that compelled me to spend most of my time in both parts of Bengal." He was narrating about the colorful season of the year in Bengal, he was describing a season occurring between autumn and winter. Grass, the European writer, could probably describe his feeling about the season in his way, which is neither autumn nor winter, and he called it "Indian Hemanta" or "Late Indian Summer." 

It was Rabindranath Tagore who describes the season autumn in another way, "In Autumn, oh mother mine, in the full blossomed paddy fields. I have seen spread all over sweet smiles! Ah, what a beauty, what shades, what an affection and what a tenderness!" But a farmer according to his own sensibility can certainly discover the intense feelings of autumn. In a remote moment the farmer finds himself, in one corner of his mind, suffering from the agony of poverty and at another moment bursting with the sheer joy of living and working in a world full of hope and prosperity. 
There is no doubt that the late autumn in Bengal has a timeless and even mystical appeal of uncertainty - it is not the season of dream but reality - autumn the season of harvesting turn the idyllic landscape and romantic paddy field to a dextrose composition. The farmer finds his expression of joy and turns his enthusiastic motivation of work with a hope that new paddy gives him prosperity and a beginning of better life. A wonderful feeling indeed is to bring new paddy at home, touch by the warm custom of familiarity, arrangement of paddy festival, invitation to friends/relatives - and of a special one preparing special foods, sweets, wearing colorful dresses, singing songs of joy and emotion. This is autumn in Bengal and this is the way we enjoy the change of seasons. It is as well as a visual change of nature, but also encompasses life, movement, sound and silence.
Autumn festival reflects our society - on the one hand a precise moment of the annual output, on the other hand, a little drop of hope to lead a better life. Apart from all those feeling in autumn, this generation has a unique chance to make this old sub-continent, on which so much blood of so many people were poured, a place of permanent peace and a place of the welfare of its humans. To fulfill this hope, we need the optimism and the strength of the efficient ones. Most importantly, we need democratic right in our civil society. It is us who can do the fulfillment of every conceivable wish; this should be our thought and prayer on this Autumn Day.  
Mir Monaz Haque


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