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Some Historical and Famous Places of Early Dhaka

Photos have taken in the 19th and 20th Century

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The Dhaka city has changed a lot. In this photo gallery there are some pictures of some Historical and Famous Places in Early Dhaka has uploaded. All of these Photos have taken in the 19th and 20th Century. This photo gallery usually does not contain any kind of description, only images.

(A Scene of PURANA PALTAN, Dhaka à pic:1875)


Chowk Bazar, Old Dhaka à pic:1885

Chowk Bazar Mor, Old Dhaka (Beside this road today’s Sheikh Burhanuddin College is Located. This road is named as Nazimuddin Road today) à pic:1904


Badshahi Masjid, Chowk Bazar and Mir Jumla's one of the two famous Cannons “Bibi Mariam” in the centre


(The Cannon has been shifted to Osmany Memorial Park, Ramna) à pic:18th or 19th Century


Islampur Road, Old Dhaka à pic:1905


LaalBagh Kella (Fort), Old Dhaka à pic:1872

LaalBagh Kella (Fort) South-East Gate, Old Dhaka à pic:1870

PARI BIBI’R Mazar (Tomb), Old Dhaka ( inside LaalBag Kella) à pic:1904


Shahbagh Garden, Dhaka à pic:1904


Ramna Gate, Dhaka (Where present day the Doyel Chattar is located) à pic:1901


Ramna Area, Dhaka à pic:1880





Amtala Arts Building - Dhaka University à pic:1856









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