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The world’s celebrated business tycoon Prince Moosa

He mate with Nelson Mandela

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Prince Moosa (Dr. Musa bin Shamsher) news

The Sunday Telegraph Magazine from 17 May 1998 published an exclusive feature about Prince Moosa of Bangladesh. The reporter Nigel Farnandel made an obsessive title of this feature as “Man with the golden guns”. I was extremely surprised to read that feature and was curious to know about him.

After my intensive research about Prince Moosa, I got his mail address and phone number, and started to maintain communication with him personally and with his personal manager in the year 1998.

“Fairytale is the only genre for the life and times of Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher or Prince Moosa as he is officially known, fairytale with a dark twist. For Dr. Moosa probably one of the richest man on the Subcontinent, lives in one of the world’s poores country Bangladesh. And he has made his two billion Euro (or pound) mostly from trading tanks, fighter planes and exporting human resources to Saudi Arabia”   reports the Sunday Telegraph in 1998.

After the war of independent in 1971 Bangladesh was born in the economic region of South Asia. In the mid-70s when newly born country was gradually developing its economic sector at the same time the war torn country was devastated by millions of problems like famine, poverty as epidemic the whole nation was eclipsed by the darkness of distress humanity and untold misery. As the world’s poorest country it was defamed by the world media as bottomless basket.

What an irony, under the same precarious condition of the country & the nation a group of misguided army officer’s committed unprecedented heinous crime killing the father of the nation Bongo Bondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman along with his family members brutally through a military coup. As a result the Bangladeshis become totally orphan and did not have anything to be proud of.

But suddenly news sparked worldwide and that become a bolt from the blue to each and every Bangladeshi and helped to hope to see the light at the end of the tunnel i.e the meteoric rise of a young aspirant man in Asian foreign trade in competing with the giants in the field astounded all in the East. The world media showed keen interest in this rising star and cast their searching sights on a least developed country like Bangladesh.

The giants in every sector of trade exchange billions of dollars or pounds within moments. It is from here that the wand of human civilization, the powers to control and the future courses of many countries are determined beyond their knowledge. Only the oligarchy of financial giants dares to tread in this world.

It is a matter of pride at least that one of our close comrades has occupied a prestigious position in this world of immense wealth and unlimited power. He has added extraordinary qualities to his personality characterized by firm commitment to righteousness and genuine sympathy for mankind. He is the only Bengali who is renowned and honored as an accomplished international arms dealer. Also extensively known and respected worldwide as prince of Bangladesh Dr. Moosa bin Shamsher (Prince Musa). Not only that Prince Moosa is the golden boy and dream child of the world media. International press coverage on him shows him to be an iconic and monumental figure. Folklores and legends of his royal lifestyle, attire, wealth and his meteoric rise to fame and fortune is a fairy tale and myth – a story told by the millions of fans that Prince Moosa holds in cities and villages around the world.> FaceBook

Coming back to the article of Sunday Telegraph of 1998, the reporter Nigel Farndele visited him at his Dhaka office of DATCo and concluded his feature as “Prince Moosa, the multi billionaire from Bangladesh  bathes in rose water, wears diamond encrusted shoes and doesn’t like to talk about the offer of 5 million pound starling he once made to Tony Blair". By: Mir Monaz Haque, Berlin

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