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ITB Berlin 2014: Commitment to actively working for human rights

ITB Berlin Convention as Tourism Watch

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ITB 2014 news

BERLIN Mar 08, 2014: TB Berlin has declared its commitment to taking part in the “Round Table on Human Rights and Tourism“, reports eturbonews. 

The trade fair also intends to encourage tour operators to sign the “Commitment to Human Rights in Tourism“ which has been prepared by the participants in the Round Table. On Friday at the ITB CSR Day, during the ITB Berlin Convention, Rika Jean-François, CSR appointee of ITB Berlin, signed a corresponding undertaking, which she presented to Antje Monshausen, who was attending the ITB Berlin Convention as Tourism Watch representative for the famine relief organisation Brot für die Welt and also as representative of the Round Table at ITB Berlin.

In the words of the statement: “As a travel trade fair we take our responsibility for respecting human rights in tourism very seriously. We welcome the ’Commitment to Human Rights in Tourism‘ and will work towards its implementation.“ During her attendance at the “Round Table“ she was extremely impressed by the high standards of professionalism with which the participants addressed this subject, stated Rika Jean-François. She pointed out that tourism also has its negative side, and drew attention to such problems as child labour, trafficking in human beings and discrimination against the LBGT community.

An altered awareness is needed if these subjects are to be dealt with effectively. In future ITB Berlin therefore intends to focus attention on the subject of human rights in specialist events and, wherever possible, incorporate it in regional trade fairs too. Moreover the fair has given an undertaking to report publicly on this issue once a year, showing the active steps it has taken to meet this commitment.(courtesy:  eturbonews)

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