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Trump slams India for high import tariffs on Harley-Davidson

Donald Trump slammed India

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WASHINGTON, U.S. - As the Indian capital announced that the country was slashing customs duty on imported motorcycles from high-end brands to 50 percent, U.S. President Donald Trump slammed India.

Criticizing the country for high import tariffs on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, Trump called it “unfair.”

Trump’s comments came during a discussion with members of the Congress over steel industry.

During the discussion, the U.S. President also threatened to increase the tariff on import of Indian motorcycles to the U.S.

He said the recent decision of the Indian government to reduce the tariff from 75 percent to 50 percent was not enough and asked that it should be reciprocal, as the U.S. imposes "zero tax" on the import of motorcycles.

In his statement, during which he drew laughter from the audience, Trump said, "We have so many countries where we made a product, they make a product, ..We pay a tremendous tax to get into their countries -- motorcycles, Harley Davidson -- it goes into a certain country. I won't mention the fact that it happens to be India, in this case.”

He even indirectly referred to the recent conversation he had with the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the matter.

Referencing his conversation with Modi, Trump said, "And a great gentleman called me from India and he said, we have just reduced the tariff on motorcycles, reduced it down to 50 percent from 75, and even 100 percent.”

He reportedly told the lawmakers and his other Cabinet colleagues, “We have - if you are Harley Davidson, you have 50 to 75 percent tax, tariff to get your motorcycle, your product in. And yet they sell thousands and thousands of motorcycles, which a lot of people don't know, from India into the United States. You know what our tax is? Nothing.”

The U.S. President pitched for a "reciprocal tax" on countries that he said abuse their trade relationships with the U.S.

He reportedly said, "So, I say, we should have reciprocal taxes for a case like that. I'm not blaming India. I think it's great that they can get away with it. I don't know why people allowed them to get away with it. But there's an example that's very unfair. I think we should have a reciprocal tax.”

Previously too, Trump has floated the idea of a reciprocal tax, vowing to slap it on countries, including allies, that take advantage of the U.S.

Trump said, "That's called fair trade. It's called free trade. Because ultimately, what's going to happen - either we'll collect the same that they're collecting, or, probably, what happens is they'll end up not charging a tax and we won't have a tax. And that becomes free trade.”

With the reduction in the tariffs, imported motorcycles from high-end brands such as Harley-Davidson and Triumph are set to get cheaper in India.


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