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No clothes allowed: Paris opens its first nudist eatery

Nudist restaurant

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PARIS, France - In a first, the French capital opened the doors to the first ever nudist restaurant.

The restaurant called O’naturel is located on a quiet side street in southwest Paris and is billed as the French capital’s first nudist restaurant.

The eatery is the brainchild of 42-year-old twins Mike and Stephane Saada, who aren’t nudists themselves but are said to have spotted a moneymaking opportunity in a country.

France, which already enjoys a reputation as a top naturist holiday destination, already has roughly 460 designated outdoor nudist spots - but most of them are beaches and campsites. 

The restaurant opened its doors earlier this month and is the latest in a series of nude eateries to pop up around the world. 

O’naturel boasts a minimalist decor and a menu of upmarket French bistro cuisine, with lobster, foie gras and snails with parsley cream sauce, at 49 euros for three courses.

The restaurant has said that a large white curtain shields diners from those that might look outside. 

It said that to enter, clothes must be left in the cloakroom with phones, to prevent people from sneaking a photo of fellow customers. 

The diners, the restaurant noted, are provided with slippers to wear, though women, who form 40 percent of the clientele, may keep their heels on. 


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