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‘Ignorant, imbecile’ Trump now attracts Britain’s ire

May: fear mongering

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LONDON, U.K. - Donald Trump does it again. The U.S. President is facing widespread criticism in the U.K. after he wrongly linked the rise in recorded crime in England and Wales with the “spread of radical Islamic terror.”

On Thursday, official figures released in a report by the U.K. Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed a 13 percent rise in crime in the country a year.

Following the release of the figures, Trump tweeted, “Just out report: ‘United Kingdom crime rises 13% annually amid spread of Radical Islamic terror.’ Not good, we must keep America safe!”

Trump’s remarks attracted immediate controversy as the ONS report on rising crime did not mention terrorism.

It merely pointed out that the recent spate of attacks skewed the murder rate.

Trump was immediately accused of being “inflammatory and ignorant,” with MPs even labelling him an “imbecile.”

Several critics even urged U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May to speak out.

British MPs on Friday accused Trump of "fear mongering.”

Several MPs and infuriated officials flooded social media pages with criticism of Trump’s wrongful statements. 

Co-leader of the Green Party, Caroline Lucas, tweeted, "OK @theresa-may, this is a test. Will you publicly condemn this outright fear mongering?"

Meanwhile, Labour MP Wes Streeting tried to involve the Prime Minister and said, "Please tell me again why we're rolling the red carpet out for this imbecile, @theresa-may?"

Yvette Cooper, another Labour MP, said, "It is appalling that we have reached the point where inflammatory and ignorant statements from the President of the United States are now seen as normal."

The Office for National Statistics (ONS) wrote in its report that the overall number of offences registered by police forces rose to 5.2m in the 12 months to June, adding that this was an increase of 13 percent.

In the previous year, the total offenses were recorded at 4.6m.

Further, ONS figures showed that attempted murders increased by 59 percent, to 1,147. 

According to statisticians, the London and Manchester terror attacks, during which officers recorded 294 attempted murders, contributed to that figure.

However, instead of focussing on terror offences, the ONS report looked at U.K. crime in general, involving cases of burglary, fraud and the kind.

Further, as opposed to what Trump stated, the report covers England and Wales only - not the whole of the U.K.

Earlier this week, another report published by the Home Office stated that police recorded 80,393 offences in which hate was deemed to be a motivating factor in 2016/17.

The report stated that that was up from 62,518 in 2015/16.

In response to the President's comments, Cooper tweeted, "Hate crime in UK up 29% - sadly encouraged by ignorant tweets like this. Not good POTUS."

Cooper even elaborated on her comments in a statement and said, "Hate crime in the UK has gone up by almost 30% and rubbish like this tweet from Donald Trump is designed to provoke even more of it. If we are to properly tackle hate crime and every other crime, we have to challenge this kind of nonsense."

On Friday, Trump was even accused of fuelling hate crime due to his tweet.

Ex-Labour leader Ed Miliband said Trump was "a moron.”

Conservative backbencher Nicholas Soames, grandson of Sir Winston Churchill, called the U.S. president a "daft twerp" who needed to "fix gun control.”

And Lib Dem deputy leader Jo Swinson also responded to the president's tweet, accusing him of "misleading and spreading fear.”

During his campaign trail, Trump claimed that the U.K. had a "massive Muslim problem.”

He also alleged that parts of London were "so radicalised" that police were "afraid for their own lives.”

U.K. prime minister at the time David Cameron slammed the comments as "divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong.”

Then, earlier this year, Trump caused controversy by commenting on extremism in Britain.

In September, Trump faced criticism for a tweet claiming that the "sick and demented people" behind the partially-exploded bomb at a London Tube station were "in the sights of Scotland Yard.”

The Metropolitan Police lashed out, calling his tweet as "unhelpful.”

Before that, Trump locked horns with the Mayor of Land, Sadiq Khan, tweeting that the London mayor had offered a "pathetic excuse" to Londoners after the London Bridge terror attack by telling people not to be alarmed.


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