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Can Ireland prevent a terrorist attack? Most Irish say No

No capacity to deal with a jihadi terror attack.

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DUBLIN, Ireland - A shocking new opinion poll has revealed that a vast majority of people in Ireland believe that the state does not have the capacity to deal with a jihadi terror attack.

The poll conducted and released by Sunday Independent/Kantar Millward Brown has revealed that almost seven out of 10 (68 percent) people polled saying that they did not have faith in the Irish authorities to prevent a terror attack similar to those waged by ISIS terror cells in other major European cities.

The poll showed that only 15 percent of those polled believed the State would be able to stop jihadi terrorists from murdering innocent civilians in Ireland. 

Further, the poll report pointed out that women, people living in Munster and those aged 35-54, were most concerned about the State's capabilities to deal with a terror attack.

At the same time, the poll results showed that the majority of people do not believe Ireland will be targeted by terror groups such as ISIS. 

As per the results, almost half or 47 percent of those polled said they were not worried about Ireland being attacked by terrorists.

Meanwhile, just over a third or 35 percent said they were concerned about an attack.

According to the report, the poll was conducted four weeks after the horrific London Bridge terror attack which saw radicalised Islamic terrorists murdering eight and injuring 48 innocent civilians in the English capital.

The incident in London occurred less than two weeks after a suicide bomber with ISIS links detonate an explosive device at an Ariana Grande concert, leaving 22 people dead, with many being teenage girls and 250 others injured.

Since the rise of extremist Islamic terrorism in this region, the Government has argued that the prospect of an attack in Ireland is possible, but not likely. 

According to reports, Gardai have been monitoring around 30 people who have travelled to war zones in the Middle East and have since returned to Ireland.

The threat became more serious in Ireland after investigations in London revealed that one of the terrorists involved in the London Bridge attack lived in Dublin for a brief period.

In addition, two people were arrested in Ireland as part of the investigation into the bizarre murder spree. 

A radicalised Irish Muslim, Khalid Kelly, died in a failed suicide bomb attack in Iraq.

Soon after his appointment, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar established a special Cabinet sub-committee to address national security issues in the wake of the London terror attacks. 

Varadkar said, in one of his first public addresses as the new Taoiseach that the committee is based on Britain Prime Minister Theresa May's Cobra committee which is convened to address serious security issues such as terror attacks.

Varadkar's committee is reportedly attended by Tanaiste Frances Fitzgerald, Justice Minister Charles Flanagan and Junior Defence Minister Paul Kehoe, along with Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan and senior Defence Forces' personnel.


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