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Trump’s popularity hits rock bottom, even among white voters

The constant reality TV show-esque White House drama

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WASHINGTON, U.S. - A little over six months in power, Donald Trump has achieved a lot, except that many of those achievements do not feature on the ‘To Do list’ that he and his administration drew up before he entered the Oval Office. 

One of them is the ever increasing unpopularity he has garnered across the country. 

Latest survey figures reveal that his approval rating has hit rock bottom and his popularity, shockingly has taken a nose dive even amongst his once-loyal white voters.    

The constant reality TV show-esque White House drama has kept the media on its toes, even as the deliberation over the failure to reform the country’s healthcare sends lawmakers in a tizzy with each passing month. 

Then there’s the cloud of darkness that parked itself over the White House since its new occupant moved in - the Russia investigation… that has set a trend of delivering an endless stream of leaks, that more often than not feature never-experienced-before shockers.

Added to all this is Trump’s chirpy Twitter account and his appearances at various events, that he manages to turn into campaign rallies for himself, case in point - the recent Boy Scouts speech.

Now, pollsters claim that a higher number of voters than ever are now dissatisfied with Trump’s performance in the White House.

According to a new poll conducted by Quinnipiac University discovered that only a third of American voters think Trump is doing a good job, while 61 percent do not. 

In its survey, Quinnipiac found these figures represented the highest disapproval and lowest approval since his Inauguration, and down 7 percent since his 40 percent approval rating in June.

The survey has attributed the negative approval ratings to key issues like foreign policy, the economy, immigration, health care and terrorism. 

The poll was reportedly carried out between July 27 and August 1 and comes immediately after Republicans were dealt another blow as their second attempt to repeal Obamacare was voted down in the Senate. 

It also follows another reshuffle in the executive branch, with former Press Secretary Sean Spicer's replacement, Anthony Scaramucci, hired and fired after 10 days, and the departure of former Chief of Staff Reince Priebus.

The survey revealed that the majority of 1,125 voters across the U.S. in the poll said Trump was not honest, did not have good leadership skills, was not intelligent and did not care about them.

Recently, Trump was accused of lying that he received a phone call from the Boy Scouts leader to congratulate him on his speech at their annual jamboree.

Trump was incidentally widely criticised for hinting about sex and highlighting business advice from a late property developer who refused to sell homes to people of colour and went bankrupt. 

During the same period, he was also accused of lying that Mexican President called him up, to offer praise for his management of the border wall, which Enrique Pena Nieto denied. 

His press secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said the President’s statements were not fabricated, and that he had talked to the men in person instead of over the phone.

Meanwhile, the surveyors revealed that more than 50 percent of those surveyed also said Trump has “attempted to derail or obstruct the investigation into the Russian interference in the 2016 election,” and two thirds believe Russia did interfere.

Trump meanwhile has repeatedly called reports of collusion with the Russians a “witch hunt.”

Earlier this year, he fired former FBI Director James Comey, a month after Comey acknowledged that he was leading the investigation.

Trump even attacked "beleaguered" Attorney General Jeff Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation as he had been accused of meeting the Russian ambassador during the campaign.

This week, Trump grudgingly signed a bill imposing new sanctions on Russia, and in retaliation Russia forced out 755 diplomats out of the country, including Russian nationals.

Russia declared hopes of an improved relationship with the U.S. “was over.”

Meanwhile, based on a sample of 1,500 adults on August 1, a Gallup survey revealed that the President was sinking to a new low of 60 percent disapproval and 36 percent approval, with a 3 percentage point margin of error.

The poll from Quinnipiac University also revealed that for the first time, the poll showed Trump with a negative net approval rating among white Americans without a college degree.

During the presidential election, this was the category of Americans that displayed their stalwart support of Trump, especially as opposed to their college-graduate peers, whites without college degrees (or "blue-collar whites" or "working-class whites”).

However, if latest numbers are taken into consideration, last week, that support slipped. 

The poll showed that only 43 percent of non-college white Americans said they approve of Trump, compared to 50 percent who disapprove, yielding a net approval of minus 7 points.

The margin of error for this demographic in this new poll is 6.5 percentage points, according to Quinnipiac. 


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