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Two days before Independence Day, protesters for and against the American President, gathered in dozens of cities to voice concerns

Impeach Trump

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CALIFORNIA, U.S. - In yet another sign of defiance, just two days before Independence Day, protesters for and against the American President continued to battle in dozens of cities across the country.

Thousands of protesters, chanting ‘Impeach Trump’ took to the streets in dozens of cities, even as they unexpectedly faced an equally high number of Trump supporters crowding the streets.

The protesters gathered across the country, even as lawmakers have made a fledgling effort, invoking the “I” word.

In Philadelphia, police said they made three arrests after a fight broke out between protesters at marches being held for and against Trump.

On Sunday morning, about 150 “Impeach Trump” members and 50 pro-Trump members held separate marches.

Police said a group of Trump supporters tried to enter a bar in the city after the march when they were confronted by anti-Trump demonstrators. 

They noted that a fight broke out, during which a pro-Trump protester and a police officer were assaulted.

Two anti-Trump demonstrators were subsequently charged with assaulting the Trump supporter. 

Police also said the Trump supporter suffered a minor mouth injury and a third person was charged with assaulting the police officer.

A fourth person was issued a citation.

In other cities, protesters called on Congress to impeach President Donald Trump.

In Los Angeles, anti-Trump protesters carried a black coffin draped in red, white and blue flowers, topped with a hand-written sign: "The Presidency 1789-2017."

Thousands of demonstrators in the city, were joined by Rep. Brad Sherman, D-California. 

Sherman wants to boot Trump from office over alleged obstruction, and had drafted and circulated an article of impeachment to other House members last month, asserting his stance.

Sherman said on Sunday, "Every day, Democrats, Republicans, the entire world is shocked by the latest example of America's amateur president.”

Meanwhile, in Austin, Texas, protesters marched from the state Capitol to City Hall, tussling with counter-protesters along the way.

Rep. Al Green, D-Texas became the first lawmaker who called for Trump's impeachment for obstruction of justice on the House floor on May 17.

He repeated his call to hundreds of protesters Sunday in Austin.

Green told protesters, "I am here today because I love my country," and led the Pledge of Allegiance.

He got protesters to sing "God Bless America” and said, "We cannot let others steal the notion that somehow they're more patriotic than we are. We are patriotic Americans."

And in downtown San Francisco, protesters, assembled near the Embarcadero, marched through the city chanting and waving signs — "Lock him up" among them.

They chanted, "What do we want? Impeachment! When do we want it? Now!"

In New York City, protesters gathered outside a Trump hotel, where dueling protests erupted in a shouting match, in scenes similar to previous anti-Trump protests.

Protesters even gathered in smaller cities on Sunday, including in Davenport, Iowa where protesters marched across the Centennial Bridge to Schweibert Park in Rock Island, Illinois.

Dan Morris, of the Illinois activist group Rock Island County Indivisible was quoted as saying, "It's interesting that this is going on during the Fourth of July weekend, and I hope as we reflect on how great this country is we can also reflect on how important it is to put country over party.”

A small march in Amarillo, in the Texas Panhandle, made its way through downtown to the local office of Republican U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry.

The organizers, the High Plains Circle of Non-Violence, said in a statement that the march ended in a "die-in" to express support for the "99 percent of Americans either victimized or exploited by the Trump Regime.”


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