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As U.S. takes aggressive stance against North Korea - Pyongyang cooks up a sinister plot to kill former South Korean President

The sinister plot

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SEOUL, South Korea - Two months after North Korea accused the South Korean intelligence service of conspiring with the CIA to assassinate its leader, Kim Jong Un using biochemical poisons - now Pyongyang has cooked up a whole new assassination plot.
The sinister plot will target “South Korea’s imprisoned former president and her spy chief” and will be carried out “anytime, anywhere and by any means.”
On Wednesday, North Korea said that it had issued standing orders for the “miserable dog’s death” execution of its former foe, Park Geun Hye, the now-imprisoned former president of South Korea and her spy chief, Lee Byung-ho.
The nuclear active nation improbably demanded that its southern adversary extradite them.
Building up the mystery, North Korea’s official news agency carried the government’s statement that said the execution orders could be carried out anytime, anywhere and by any means and amounted to an assassination decree against the imprisoned former president and her director of the National Intelligence Service.
The statement from the North’s Ministry of State Security, Ministry of People’s Security and Central Public Prosecutors Office said, “We declare at home and abroad that we will impose death penalty on traitor Park Geun Hye and Mr. Lee,” adding that the pair’s crime was “hideous state-sponsored terrorism.”
It added that Park and Lee “can never make any appeal even though they meet a miserable dog’s death anytime, at any place and by whatever methods from this moment.”
Park, who has been incarcerated since she was forced out on corruption charges in March, or from the National Intelligence Service made no immediate response to North’s warning.
In its statement, North Korea said Park had endorsed an “operation to replace the supreme leadership of the North” since late 2015. 
It alleged that the plot involved Jong Un’s assassination, adding that South Korean agents had planned to disguise as a “car or train accident.” 
Further adding that the plot was eventually abandoned after Park was impeached in a corruption scandal.
North’s statement comes a day after the Japanese newspaper Asahi, quoting anonymous sources, reported that Park had approved a plan for the National Intelligence Service to overturn Jong Un’s government in 2015
However, the country’s spy agency called the report groundless.
During Park’s tenure, North Korea constantly labelled South Korean president a “snake” and a “prostitute,” while Park as the President of the constantly-threatened neighbour, South Korea, advocated tough sanctions against the North.
During her term, South Korean news media even ran brazen reports of how South Korean and the United States special forces had been training to “decapitate” the North Korean government in the event of renewed conflict on the Korean Peninsula.
However, her truncated term in office was punctuated by a spike in tensions with North Korea.
While neither Washington nor Seoul has formally acknowledged such training so far, the National Intelligence Service told South Korean lawmakers in June this year that Jong Un feared assassination and tried hard to elude surveillance.
Meanwhile, North continues to defy demands to halt its testing of ballistic missiles, and is feared to be preparing another nuclear test.
Updates from North Korea’s nuclear test sites have forced America to take a tough stance and U.S. President Trump has warned of “a major, major conflict with North Korea” and has even sent what he called his “armada” of American warships to Korean waters to increase pressure on the reclusive nation.
As Trump now prepares to meet the new South Korean President Moon Jae In in Washington, the White House said that the country is weighing military options against North Korea more seriously.
Reports noted that the Trump administration will consider a number of strategies on how to deal with North’s expanding military provocations in the region, including a military option.
National security adviser H.R. McMaster said late on Wednesday, “What we have to do is prepare all options because the president has made clear to us that he will not accept a nuclear power in North Korea and a threat that can target the United States and target the American population.”
He also said, “The threat is much more immediate now and so it’s clear that we can’t repeat the same approach — failed approach of the past.”
Meanwhile, Jae In said as he headed to Washington, “Together we will achieve the dismantlement of North Korea’s nuclear program, peace on the Korean Peninsula and eventually peace in Northeast Asia.”


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