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Russian hackers are playing a treacherous game: Malware hidden in Britney Spears' Instagram account

Russian hackers have now resorted

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NEW YORK, U.S. - According to a shocking report released from the Slovakian security firm ESET, Russian hackers have now resorted to some new ways. 
The report revealed that Russian hackers were found to have hidden malware in the pop star Britney Spears’ Instagram account.> BNN
ESET said in its report that the malware was seen to be hidden in the pop star's comment section, deployed as a way to communicate utilising malware.
It said that Spears became an unwitting victim of Russian hackers, and the pop star likely had no idea as their actions were carefully hidden. 
According to a report in Engadget - among the thousands of innocuous comments found on Instagram, there were some that contain covert malware instructions. 
ESET is said to have found that a Russian group called Turla, that has long targeted governments, government officials and diplomats, had posted a comment on one of Spears' Instagram photos.
The comment has now been deleted in the original post, but screen shots of the message has been captured by media houses. 
The comment that was reportedly posted in February by a user named asmith2155 said, "#2hot make loved to her, uupss #Hot #X.”
On the face of it, the report noted, it looks like random spam but it was said to be a more sinister means to communicate with compromised computers. 
The report said that hidden in that comment was a trackable hash that “contained a string of characters – in this case 2kdhuHX – that correlated with a link.” 
It explained that the link would, in turn, connect to the malware's command-and-control (C&C) server.
ESET claimed that this particular comment was simply a test post due to the low number of hits on the link. 
Further noting that Spears and other high-profile Instagram accounts that boast of millions of followers make good places to hide these kinds of codes and messages. 
Reports also pointed out that this isn’t the first time Britney Spears has become inadvertently caught up in the world of hacking. 
Earlier, in December 2016, she was the target of a public hoax after hackers gained access to the Twitter accounts of Sony Music and Bob Dylan and claimed she had died.

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