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U.K. Prime Minister May’s bid for more power backfires: Snap election ends with hung parliament

May faces calls to resign

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LONDON, U.K. - With the United Kingdom facing its biggest shocker in modern times - the Brexit vote last year, the shocking turn of events in the snap general elections on Thursday, did not have the necessary impact it would have had otherwise. > BNN
The Conservative Party lost its parliamentary majority in the Thursday election, as British Prime Minister Theresa May’s bet to strengthen her grip on power failed.
The Prime Minister, who called the snap election in April this year, in a bid to strengthen her position in the parliament before the Brexit negotiations begin, is now facing calls to resign.
May was predicted to win in a historic landslide, but the outcome of the election, that resulted in a hung parliament, came as a humiliation for PM May, 
While questions have been raised, even among her fellow Tories, about whether May could maintain her hold on 10 Downing Street - her chief rival Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn urged her to resign.
However, May said her party would "ensure" stability in the U.K.
Corbyn had earlier stated, "If there is a message from tonight's results, it's this: the prime minister called this election because she wanted a mandate. Well, the mandate she's got is lost Conservative seats, lost votes, lost support and lost confidence. I would have thought that's enough to go, and make way for a government that will be truly representative of all of the people of this country.”
Responding to call, the prime minister said, "At this time more than anything else, this country needs a period of stability."
Commenting on the results, SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon said the election "has been a disaster for Theresa May.”
She said, “Her position I think is very, very difficult. We have to wait and see how things shake out,” adding that she was "disappointed at the SNP losses.”
Further, Leader of U.K. Independence Party Paul Nuttall tweeted, "If the exit poll is true then Theresa May has put Brexit in jeopardy. I said at the start this election was wrong. Hubris."
Lib Dem President Baroness Brinton said her party could not work with either Labour or the Tories as both are pushing for a "hard Brexit.”
Green co-leader Caroline Lucas earlier said she could "hardly dare hope" that the exit poll was right, adding, "To be clear, Greens will never support a Tory government."
A projection based on final results in nearly every district across the country put the Conservatives at 319 seats — seven short of what they would need for a working majority in the 650-member Parliament.
The numbers were well below the 331 the party won merely two years ago.
Yet, the biggest shock of the night was Liberal Democrat MP Nick Clegg losing his seat to a Labour candidate. 
Clegg was deputy prime minister of the U.K. from 2010 to 2015 in a coalition government with the Conservatives.
Meanwhile, Former Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond was also defeated, losing his seat to a Conservative.
With a total of 650 Westminster MPs being elected, after about 45.8 million people voted. 
A party needs 326 seats to have an overall majority.
So far, the Conservatives are projected to win 42 percent of the vote, Labour 40 percent, the Lib Dems 7 percent, UKIP 2 percent and the Greens 2 percent.
Further, polls showed that in the House of Commons, the Conservatives are predicted to be nine seats short of an overall majority. 
Labour is set to gain about 30, while the Lib Dems will gain five and the SNP are predicted to lose 22 seats.
The poll said that the Green Party would be unchanged with one seat and Plaid Cymru still have three MPs in Wales.
Analysts have noted that it would now be difficult for the government to start talking to the EU in nine days' time as planned without rethinking its strategy.

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