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Pak terrorizing indigenous people, giving full impunity to terrorists: BNF tells UN

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres

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New York [United States], Mar. 16 (ANI): Balawaristan National Front (BNF) chairman Abdul Hamid Khan has alleged that Pakistan is terrorizing indigenous people and giving full impunity to terrorists on its soil.

In a letter to UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres, Khan said, "I have the honour to submit some chilling facts about the atrocities committed by Pakistani regime against 2 million indigenous people of UN disputed Gilgit Baltistan. Political activists and religious persons and students of Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB) who do not comply with ISI's dictation have been framed under anti-Terrorist act of Schedule 4. But the real terrorists who bomb and kill innocent civilians in Shrines, Mosques, Roadways and other places are free to roam. It's no secret that Hafiz Saeed, the head of Lashkar-e-Toiba who has been banned by the UN, is a highly respected terrorist in Pakistan. This is clearly shown by the fact that he has been awarded a de-facto status like that of a king by keeping him in his house under tight security cover, so that nobody, not even USA would be able to get their hands around him."

He said that thousands of terrorists and more than a dozen terrorist organizations are active within different madrasas, religious and political parties, who enjoy full impunity under institutions of the Pakistan Government.

Khan said that terrorists, who have killed thousands of innocent people of Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan (PoGB), have not been brought to justice to this day.

"All the government sponsored terrorist organizations are active in Pakistan, but more than 150 people of PoGB are facing this Chinese type of draconian law (subjecting them to worst conditions than a prison, whereby the persons are taken bare to the hospital for treatment and school to get his minor child)," he said.

Asserting that Pakistan's present regime wants to create fear among the indigenous people of the region, Khan said those who violate their orders by demanding something peacefully are declared as terrorists.

"It's such a disgraceful irony that on one hand Pakistan is sending its terrorists to bully and shut the people of occupied Gilgit Baltistan, and on the other hand it demands freedom for J&K," he said.

The BNF chairman further said Pakistan is falsely framing its workers under its terrorist laws to camouflage its acts of terrorism against India.

"The indigenous people of PoGB and BNF particularly have no place to file an appeal/writ against these Pakistani allegations and slanders and atrocities because there is no legal/constitutional judicial system in this UN-declared disputed part of J&K," he added.

Khan said that our books and booklets and newspapers have been banned, while religious hatred and anti-Gilgit Baltistan propaganda is fully supported by the Pakistani authorities.

The BNF chairman also said the lives, property and freedom of the people in the region pose a serious threat due to Pakistan and China's joint conspiracy to strengthen their occupation under the garb of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

He said the lives of BNF workers and some other nationalists are under serious threat due to their constant struggle against the occupation of Pakistan since 1992.

"The peaceful indigenous people of PoGB and nationalists are facing serious threats, because they are not willing to bow to the dictations of Pakistani forces, who have choked their legitimate voices and grabbed their lands to build cantonments and torture cells for Pakistani and Chinese forces and their intelligence agencies," he said.

Recalling the truce terms of the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan's (UNCIP) resolution, Khan said Islamabad has absolutely no right to remain in this disputed land because the forces and its civilians had to withdraw within a period of three months after the resolution was passed on April 28, 1949.

"After lapse of 68 years of non-complying, Pakistan rather has virtually changed the whole 72000 sq km area of this UN declared disputed region into Military Torture Camp," he said.

"Pakistani political and religious parties are fully sponsored by its Military power to practice on their will, but indigenous nationalist political parties voices are chocked by declaring them as terrorists, anti-national and traitors etc, who dare to oppose CPEC and Pakistani occupation, which is flagrant violation of not only UNCIP resolutions but it ridicules Universal Declaration of Human Rights and even violates Pakistan's own constitution and Court verdicts," the letter read.

He said the BNF appeals to the UN and UNSC to ask Islamabad to take over the control of this disputed region or give the cases of the above mentioned political workers and others to International Court of Justice or any other impartial Court for fair trial because Gilgit Baltistan does not fall under the ambit of Pakistan's constitution and its judicial system.

" BNF and other political and religious workers in Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan are facing death sentence in fake cases without right of appeal in any High Court and Supreme Court," he said. (ANI)

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