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An Earthquake Shook the Capital of Taiwan

A magnitude 5.5 earthquake Date : January 17, 2018 Reporter : BNN An earthquake rocked the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. The quake was 5.7 on the Richter scale and it's happened today, informs Reuters. Witnesses of the natural phenomenon commented that buildings in the center of the city were slightly moving. There is no information about injured people or material damage. The epicenter of Wednesday's 5.5 temblor was in the popular tourist area of Alishan Township, about 46.5 kilometers east-northeast of the Chiayi County ...Full Story


Beijing Made Serious Warning Against a US Military Presence in Taiwan

Date : December 13, 2017 Reporter : BNN Chinese and Taiwanese students and journalists On the day that a US warship enters the Taiwanese port of Gaoyuan, the Chinese People's Liberation Army will unite China. The words are written by Lee Kexin, the Ambassador to the United States, who spoke at a meeting on ...Full Story


Obama administration authorizes $1.83 billion arms sale to Taiwan

Date : December 16, 2015 Reporter : Trend Taiwan Relations Act The US administration formally notified Congress on Wednesday of a $1.83 billion arms sale package for Taiwan, including two frigates, anti-tank missiles, amphibious assault vehicles and other equipment, despite opposition from China, ...Full Story


Taiwan faces worst drought in 10 years: MOEA

Date : November 19, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet The water supply situation was rather tight TAIPEI (Taiwan News) – Taiwan could be facing its worst drought in a decade within the next year, Economics Minister Woody Duh warned Wednesday. The Ministry of Economic Affairs had reportedly started taking measures and ...Full Story


An Earthquake Shook the Capital of Taiwan

Date : January 17, 2018 Reporter : BNN A magnitude 5.5 earthquake An earthquake rocked the Taiwanese capital of Taipei. The quake was 5.7 on the Richter scale and it's happened today, informs Reuters. Witnesses of the natural phenomenon commented that buildings in the center of the city were ...Full Story


The world’s strongest typhoon has Taiwan and China on its radar

Date : September 15, 2016 Reporter : Big News Network Super-typhoon struck the region TAIPEI, Taiwan - The world’s strongest typhoon in 2016 struck taiwan, carrying maximum winds of 134mph (216km/h) as it approached the island. > Big News Network As the super-typhoon struck the region - it left a trail of ...Full Story


Taiwan needs friendlier foreign investment policies

Date : October 24, 2014 Reporter : taiwannews Taiwan has outperformed its competitors in the region Taipei, Oct. 24 (CNA) Taiwan needs to adopt friendlier policies and regulations to make it cheaper and easier for foreign companies to do business here, American professor Michael Porter, a leading authority on corporate strategy, said ...Full Story


Weakened Soudelor Leaves 14 Dead in China, Taiwan

Date : August 9, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet The storm swept across Taiwan with winds of up to 160 km/h Heavy rain continued Sunday in southeastern China where the remnants of Typhoon Soudelor moved further inland leaving flooding and at least 14 people dead. The system, which was downgraded to a tropical storm, hit China's ...Full Story


Malaysia recognizes more Taiwan college degrees

Date : July 31, 2012 Reporter : Taiwan Today Malaysia is the leading source of incoming ethnic Chinese students   By  Grace Kuo, TaiwanToday The Malaysian government has agreed to expand recognition of degrees conferred by 157 Taiwan universities, retroactive to June 20, 2011, according to the ROC Ministry of Education. ...Full Story


Revisiting Taiwan´s science-based industrial parks

Date : September 22, 2012 Reporter : Taiwan Today National Science Council   TaiwanToday: In September Taiwan’s three major science-based industrial parks, home to the semiconductor and electronics industries touted as mainstays of the country’s economy, reported year-on-year revenue drops ...Full Story


TransAsia plane with 58 people on board crashes in Taiwan

Date : February 3, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Number of casualties A TransAsia Airways Corp. plane carrying 58 people, including five crew members, crashed in a river in Taiwan's capital Wednesday morning, according to the Taipei Fire Department. The number of casualties isn't yet known. ...Full Story


Standing tall at the Olympics

Date : August 1, 2012 Reporter : Taiwan Today Comprising 44 members, the ROC Olympic team will contest 14 sports   The eyes of the world were on London July 27 as the Summer Games exploded into life with an opening ceremony that will long be remembered as a showcase celebration of British culture and the Olympic ideal. But for ROC ...Full Story


Contractor killed in Taiwan during pre-production of Scorsese film ‘Silence’

Date : January 29, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Chinese Culture and Movie TAIPEI, Taiwan -- Two people are injured and one person is dead after a roof on the set of the upcoming Martin Scorsese film Silence collapsed onto a group of contractors attempting to reinforce it. The incident occurred at the ...Full Story

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