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Hezbollah cleared of involvement in Bulgarian bus bombing

Bombing a bus in Bulgaria in 2012 Date : February 3, 2018 Reporter : BNN JERUSALEM - The long anticipated trial of two men charged with bombing a bus in Bulgaria in 2012 is underway, however the prosecution has dropped a bombshell in the early stages of the proceedings. Since the day of the attack, which killed five Isralies and a Bulgarian bus driver and wounded 32 more Israelis, Lebanese militant group Hezbollah has been blamed for it. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu publicly named Hezbollah as being behind the attack, just two ...Full Story


Hezbollah cleared of involvement in Bulgarian bus bombing

Date : February 3, 2018 Reporter : BNN Bombing a bus in Bulgaria in 2012 JERUSALEM - The long anticipated trial of two men charged with bombing a bus in Bulgaria in 2012 is underway, however the prosecution has dropped a bombshell in the early stages of the proceedings. Since the day of the ...Full Story


Foreign Trade Minister criticizes Lebanese decision preventing entry of Syrian agricultural products

Date : June 10, 2016 Reporter : Big News Network Minister described the decision as "surprising" Damascus, SANA - Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade Humam al-Jazaeri expressed regret over the Lebanese Agriculture Ministry's decision to prevent trucks carrying Syrian vegetables and fruits from entering Lebanon until next ...Full Story


Socialist tide in Arab world continues to wane

Date : April 28, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet No configuration of socialist groups exist today A student group recently asked me to address socialism in the Arab world, with the assumption that there is indeed such a movement that is capable of overhauling inherently incompetent and utterly corrupt regimes, across the region. But ...Full Story


Blasts hit security post in Beirut suburb, 41 killed

Date : November 12, 2015 Reporter : Trend Explosions were carried out by two bombers More than 40 people have reportedly been killed and dozens of others wounded after two large explosions rocked a security post in the Borj al-Barajaneh area in a southern suburb of Lebanon’s capital, Beirut, Press TV reported. ...Full Story


Lebanese army to take tough stance against terrorism

Date : January 15, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Determined to fight terrorism until it is eliminated Lebanese army Commander Gen. Jean Qahwaji stressed Wednesday that the army is "determined to fight terrorism until it is eliminated." The army will exhaust all possible ways to free those soldiers kidnapped by militant ...Full Story


Lebanese army opens fire to intercept Israeli drone

Date : December 5, 2014 Reporter : Trend Lebanon army opened anti-aircraft fire at three Israeli MK drones The Lebanese army opened its anti-aircraft fire Thursday at an Israeli drone in the central Bekaa region, the military said in a statement, Xinhua reported. According to the statement, "around 10:30 am an Israeli reconnaissance ...Full Story


Lebanese Army Liberates Four Soldiers captured by Terrorist Ambush in Arsal

Date : August 29, 2014 Reporter : A statement by the Lebanese Army Command BEIRUT  Lebanese Army managed Thursday, after fierce clashes with ISIL and Nusra members in Wadi Al Rahyan and Wadi Al Hawa in North Bekaa, to liberate four of its soldiers that have fallen earlier at the hands of the terrorist ...Full Story


Kurds regain control of strategic Kobani border town of Syria

Date : January 27, 2015 Reporter : BigNewsNet Battle over Kobani BEIRUT, Lebanon - Kurdish fighters have seized the control over Kobani and were advancing further after chasing away Islamic State fighters who had besieged the Syrian border town in September last year, activists and US officials said. ...Full Story


Iraqi airstrikes on ISIS kill civilians as group beheads second Lebanese soldier

Date : September 6, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet The attack on Hawija, near Kirkuk city, was part of a series of raids BEIRUT, Lebanon - The Iraqi air force carried out airstrikes on ISIS in Hawija, a northern town controlled by the Islamic militant group on Saturday, killing seven patients and wounding 22 others, including children, according to local ...Full Story


Lebanon on alert to head off jihadist offensive spillover

Date : June 15, 2014 Reporter : The Daily Star Lebanese security forces stepped up their alertness on borders HERMEL, Lebanon: Lebanese political and security authorities are carefully eyeing dramatic developments in Iraq, and have adopted a series of preventive measures to avoid ripples of the conflict being felt here, security sources told ...Full Story


Lebanese forces reclaim Tripoli centre from ISIS linked militants

Date : October 27, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet The battle has now shifted to a Sunni neighbourhood of the city TRIPOLI, Lebanon - The Lebanese army has launched an intense counter assault against Sunni militants in the second-largest city Tripoli, forcing a retreat from the Old City on a third day of fighting Sunday. The battle has now ...Full Story


At Beirut Marathon, Lebanese Call for PM to Return

Date : November 13, 2017 Reporter : VoA/ BNN Saudi Arabia has stepped up its rhetoric against Hezbollah Runners taking part in Lebanon's annual marathon are urging Prime Minister Saad Hariri to return home after he resigned under mysterious circumstances during a visit to Saudi Arabia. Spectators along the 26.2 mile (42.2 ...Full Story

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