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Taliban unleashes wave of suicide bombings in Afghanistan

Attack on Afghan police headquarters Date : October 18, 2017 Reporter : BNN KABUL, Afghanistan - In what is being dubbed the “biggest terrorist attack this year,” Taliban unleashed a wave of suicide bombings across Afghanistan on Tuesday. The terror group launched suicide bombings in the country’s south, east and west, targeting police compounds and government facilities. The attacks left at least 74 people dead and scores of others injured, including policemen and civilians. Officials said that a provincial police chief was ...Full Story


US Bombing Campaign in Afghanistan Intensifies, Hitting New High

Date : September 14, 2017 Reporter : BNN/ VoA Taliban currently controls or influences more than 40 percent of Afghan territory ISLAMABAD - The U.S. military dropped 555 bombs in Afghanistan against Taliban and Islamic State targets in August, the highest number in a single month since 2012.   Overall, the U.S. has conducted about 2,400 airstrikes ...Full Story


India and Afghanistan Open Air Freight Corridor to Bypass Pakistan

Date : June 21, 2017 Reporter : BNN/ VoA Afghan businesses have long wanted to exploit India NEW DELHI - Although Afghan businesses have long wanted to exploit the potential of India's huge market, trade between the two countries has been hampered due to their tense relations with Pakistan.> BNN/ VoA   But a ...Full Story


Early poll results show Ghani is new Afghan president

Date : July 7, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet Former World Bank economist new president KABUL, Afghanistan - Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai, a former World Bank economist, is likely to be declared the new president of Afghanistan, according to early poll results that were declared Monday amid continued fraud allegations by opponent ...Full Story


Taliban unleashes wave of suicide bombings in Afghanistan

Date : October 18, 2017 Reporter : BNN Attack on Afghan police headquarters KABUL, Afghanistan - In what is being dubbed the “biggest terrorist attack this year,” Taliban unleashed a wave of suicide bombings across Afghanistan on Tuesday. The terror group launched suicide bombings in the ...Full Story


US Mother Of All Bombs killed dozens of militants - Afghanistan

Date : April 14, 2017 Reporter : Big News Network Largest non-nuclear bomb ever deployed in combat Jalalabad, Afghanistan - The US military's largest non-nuclear bomb killed at least 36 militants as it decimated a deep tunnel complex of the Islamic State group, Afghan officials said on Friday, ruling out any civilian ...Full Story


Pentagon: IS in Afghanistan leader killed in April raid

Date : May 7, 2017 Reporter : BNN March 8 attack against Kabul National Military Hospital Washington - The Pentagon says a military raid last month killed the head of the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan. In a statement on Sunday night, the Pentagon confirmed the death of Abdul Haseeb Logari. At the time of the ...Full Story


U.S. Army’s 10th Mountain Division ends mission in Afghanistan

Date : November 5, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet First arrived in Afghanistan in fall 2001 KABUL, Afghanistan -- The U.S. Army's 10th Mountain Division concluded its operations in Afghanistan on Tuesday. The 10th Mountain Division, an infantry force equipped to fight under harsh conditions, first arrived in ...Full Story


UN welcomes Afghanistan's recommitment to end recruitment of child soldiers

Date : August 2, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet Country Task Force on Children and Armed Conflict 1 August 2014 - Afghanistan took another step forward in protecting children from being recruited into and used by national security forces, a move welcomed today by the United Nations. The Government recently endorsed a so-called ...Full Story


Afghanistan can join BTK railway project

Date : June 19, 2015 Reporter : Trend Ambassador Taqi Khalili Baku, Azerbaijan, June 19 By Jamila Aliyeva – Trend: Afghanistan can join the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars (BTK) railway project through the Lapis Lazuli Corridor, which connects the country with Turkmenistan, the Afghan Ambassador to ...Full Story


Afghan Islamists claim murder of Swedish journalist

Date : March 13, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet "Fedai Mahaz Tahrik Islami Afghanistan" said he was a spy KABUL, Afghanistan - A little known Islamist group in Afghanistan Wednesday said its militants killed a Swedish radio reporter because the dual national, Nils Horner, was a spy for the British intelligence service MI6. he was a spy ...Full Story


Scores killed as suicide bomber targets Afghan volleyball tournament

Date : November 23, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet The attack on the sports event in Yahyakhail district KABUL, Afghanistan - A suicide bomber left at least 45 people dead at a volleyball tournament in eastern Afghanistan Sunday after detonating an explosive vest amid spectators. A spokesman for the governor of Paktika province ...Full Story


Abdullah Abdullah refuses to accept UN-led vote audit

Date : September 8, 2014 Reporter : BigNewsNet An audit of 100 percent of the ballots cast in the June runoff election is expected to conclude KABUL Afghanistan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah has refused to accept the results of a UN-led vote audit aimed at clarifying who won the country's June 14 runoff election, bringing the country's electoral process to ...Full Story


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